Who are the top 5 towbar manufacturers?

Apr 28, 2017 | Towbars, Witter towbars

Fixed flange ball towbar

It is fair to say that there is a lot of choice when picking a towbar for your vehicle. Not only do you have to decide between fixed towbars with dedicated wiring and detachable towbars, you also have the choice of many different towbar manufacturers as well. This article will provide some information about the top 5 manufacturers of towbars whose products are some of the best and most readily available.


Witter has been making towbars since 1950 and is the UK’s leading towbar manufacturer. Initially founded to meet the need for easy to fit towing brackets, Witter now has a focus on providing high quality, reliable products which provide value for money. The company produces a range of towbars and towing solutions, including award-winning bicycle carriers, which are all created using the latest technology and processes. The quality, strength and longevity of Witter products is assured and evidenced by the fact all their products come with a ‘Shield of Safety’ and lifetime guarantee.

Fixed swan neck towbar


Bosal is a large manufacturer of automotive equipment, including towbar systems. As a market leader for towbar solutions, it is unsurprising that Bosal have a big focus on research and development and technological innovation. They hold over 150 patents and have recently brought to the market some inventive products including the first mechanical swivelling towbar and the first fully retractable, electric towbar. The company have a huge range of fixed and detachable towbars – over 1700 products – all of which are rigorously tested to ensure quality and reliable operation.


Westfalia is a major brand and the largest manufacturer of towbars and vehicle specific wiring worldwide. The company deserves recognition for the fact that they were the ones to invent the ball towbar in 1932, which is now a standard design used across the world. Westfalia have a focus on precision engineering, quality and safety. The company is always looking for new ways to improve upon their original towbar design and now have a huge range of towbars. They have also won many awards – for example, Auto Motor und Sport magazine have awarded Westfalia ‘best brand for towbars’ 7 times.

Detachable flange ball towbar


Brink is a leading European developer, manufacturer and tester of towbars. The company values quality, user-friendly solutions, and safety above all else and have an enormous range of towbars and wiring kits which cover nearly all makes of car. Brink’s dedicated designers have great links within the car industry which often allows them to provide towbars for new car models immediately after their emergence on the market. The company focuses on providing customised, dedicated towbars which have been created to ensure a perfect fit with your vehicle and, therefore, an easy fitting process too.


PCT is a British designer, manufacturer and distributer of towbars who are based in Sheffield. Having been established in 1926, PCT have a wealth of experience in engineering and producing towbars and related accessories. The company provide a comprehensive range of quality products, using the latest technology and production methods whilst exceeding industry standards. Their design team always look for ways to advance their products with as little modification or disruption to your vehicle as possible.

At Towbar2U, we fit a variety of towbar types – including fixed, dedicated wiring and detachable towbars – across all major car manufacturers. We supply quality towbar products from major, well-respected brands such as Witter and A1 Towing. Our professional team of fitters provide a helpful mobile fitting service, covering many areas of England, so you can receive a great service at your convenience. For further information about any of our products or services, get in touch today to speak to one of our friendly team.

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