What is dedicated wiring for towbars?

Dedicated wiring

When you are getting a towbar fitted, you have two wiring options: universal or dedicated. Universal wiring has generally been the standard wiring method used when fitting towbars; this method is relatively simple and allows the functioning of the lights on your towed caravan/trailer. Dedicated wiring (or ‘vehicle specific wiring”), however, is a method designed for the specific make of vehicle it is attached to. This method has additional benefits which we’ll be discussing alongside more in depth information about dedicated wiring in this article.

Why dedicated wiring?

The dedicated wiring method is designed to fit and integrate with your vehicle’s electrical system. Although not necessarily made by the vehicle manufacturer, dedicated wiring kits work smoothly with your vehicle’s systems in the way intended by the manufacturer. For this reason, vehicle warranties are not affected by the fitting of dedicated wiring kits, whereas they could be by universal wiring. Inevitably, with a more sophisticated wiring system and extra features, the price of dedicated wiring is higher than universal wiring – contact a towbar fitter to get a quote for your vehicle.

Dedicated wiring kits for towbars are increasing in popularity, in part due to the many additional features in new cars. The more features a car has, the increased necessity for them to be updated prior to towing a caravan or trailer. Certain electrical and safety features in newer cars successfully activate with dedicated wiring but don’t with universal wiring.

Beneficial features of dedicated wiring

The superior safety features gained/updated with dedicated wiring varies between makes and models of vehicles, but here are some of the possible benefits:

Trailer stability control: potentially the most important feature gained with dedicated wiring, this is a critical safety feature for maintaining the stability of your caravan/trailer, especially when driving round corners and at high speeds

Brake electronics: updated when towing for improved speed and efficiency

Suspension system: updates to account for extra weight of towed vehicle

Anti-lock braking system (ABS): also updates to account for the towed vehicle

Lighting: towing vehicle gains automatic reverse fog light cut off which prevents unnecessary glare off the towed vehicle; trailer light failure warning also gained

Parking aids: will be deactivated due to being ineffectual when towing

Cruise control (adaptive): updates to account for a trailer/caravan, for instance a larger braking distance between vehicles will be set

These are just some examples of the potential benefits you stand to gain from using a dedicated wiring system. It is worth noting that the benefits may not be noticeable when driving normally, but you can rest assured knowing that the reliability and safety of your towing has in fact increased.

Towbar2U can offer dedicated wiring for your car or van at a competitive price. We have highly qualified, mobile engineers who can fit a towbar for you at your convenience. Please contact us or your local mobile fitter today for a FREE quote or for more information about the products and services we offer.

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