Universal & Dedicated

Wiring Types

Universal Electrics are available for all vehicles. Dedicated (Vehicle Specific Wiring) may not be available for certain vehicles (please ask).

Universal Electrics

This wiring connects the towbar directly into the wiring loom with scotch locks through the rear lights. In some cases, a by-pass relay will be needed to match voltage/power but won’t detect and drop as a fault, or bulb failure indications on dash (if applicable).

Things to consider:

If the vehicle has trailer stability control as an extra to the regular system, the universal wiring may not activate this function and it will therefore not function.

If the vehicle is still under Manufacturer’s Warranty, fitting universal wiring may contravene the warranty as most state that any towbar fitted must be the same as the wiring already in the vehicle. As the dedicated wiring is manufacturer approved this will match the terms of your warranty.


These are made to fit the specific vehicle (hence ‘dedicated’). These kits work with the original wiring and plug into the vehicle’s ECU computer in the engine bay, allowing the two systems to co-ordinate and function as intended by the manufacturer. More often than not, the dedicated electrics will be more expensive.

The advantage of having the dedicated kit is that because it is plugged into the computer, the vehicle knows when you are towing and will automatically make adjustments as required. In some cases, the new wiring connects directly into a dedicated socket, but for some vehicles it will be necessary to run cables through the vehicle making fitting more difficult and time-consuming.

It works the following systems (if the vehicle has these available):

  • Brake electronics – The vehicle is more aware of the extra weight and can compensate and/or engage caravan brakes as required
  • Engine electronics – Any adjustments required to engine sensors
  • Engine cooling systems – Cooling fan will cut in sooner because of the extra weight and therefore avoid overheating
  • Parking aids (for self-parking vehicles) – Vehicle will also switch off rear sensors when towing if unable to do so manually
  • Reversing cameras – Makes the vehicle aware of the towbar so it’s not seen as an obstacle
  • Adjustment to suspension systems – Makes adjustments for vehicles with multiple heights
  • Activation of Trailer Stability Control – For caravans with the ALKO hitch

Some vehicles require “re-coding” and our fitters have computers which enable them to do this. However, there is currently a small minority which will have to be re-coded by a dealer. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss any of these points further.


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