Terms and Conditions

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Where you have agreed a specified booking date with us at time of booking, we will always endeavour to honour this. However, in some cases we will need to change the date depending on availability of stock etc. If we need to change the date of your booking we will give you as much notice as possible.

Our staff treats all customers with respect, and we expect the same in return. If you are rude or aggressive to any of our staff at any point, your booking will be cancelled immediately, and any further service will be refused.

The fitting of a towbar to your vehicle will be subject to a visual inspection with you of your vehicle prior to any work starting. Please ensure that that the boot or rear storage section of the vehicle is empty and accessible. A quick inspection ensures that all systems associated with the installation are working normally before work is commenced. We will also examine your vehicle for any scratches, dents or other existing damage before any work. These checks will be repeated when our work is completed. If at any point during the fitment it becomes apparent that further parts, or work are required we will advise you before proceeding further. At this point you are free to request that no further work is carried out, you would only be liable for our costs incurred by us.

The arrival time is an ETA time for our fitter, not the time in which the work will be completed. For example, in a 8am to 1pm booking the fitter may arrive at 12.55pm and the job can take up to 4 hours to complete.

We will do our best to ensure that our mobile unit arrives with you during the indicated time period and to complete the work within the estimated time given to you, however, the time of the booking shall not form a contractual term.

It is important to remember that arrival times are estimated because there might be traffic issues or problems outside of our control which can delay our drivers. We will inform you as soon as reasonably practicable of any delays or complications.

TOWBAR2U will not be liable for any economic losses arising in any manner whatsoever out of any delays to, or complications with, the fulfilment of an order, provided that nothing in these terms limits or excludes TOWBAR2U ’s liability for death or personal injury caused by its proven negligence. This includes any losses incurred from missed holiday, or caravan site deposits etc.

Cancellation Of Work

You have the right to cancel your order within 14 days from the point at which we accept your order. However, where you ask us to commence with your order within this period you agree to waive the right of cancellation.

There will be no charge provided no costs have been incurred. Where costs have been incurred you will only pay for the work completed or the cost incurred. Where you cancel your order within 7 days of your installation date the parts for your installation will have already been ordered from our suppliers, as such £100 restocking fee will be discounted from any refund.

A 5% administration fee will also be charged on any cancelled orders.


Full payment is normally required at the time of booking. At our discretion we may accept a 50% deposit in unusual circumstances. If we have accepted a 50% deposit from you, the balance of payment would be required before work is commenced. Any further work identified on inspection of the vehicle would be charged to the same card, unless otherwise specified by you.


Subject to your statutory rights (which shall not be affected by this provision), it is not possible to offer refunds after purchase for any parts that have been used on your car. If you believe that a towbar or electric relay that we have fitted is faulty, we will offer you the option of purchasing a replacement while the original part is sent to the manufacturer for analysis. If the manufacturer confirms that the product is faulty the cost of your replacement purchase will be refunded. We do however offer extensive guarantees on our work and parts (see separate section).

Disclaimer: Parking Sensors

If your car is equipped with rear parking sensors, we do not recommend the fitment of a fixed flangeball towbar. In most cases a fixed swan neck towbar will be suitable. However, the only way to fully guarantee that your parking sensors will not pick up the towbar neck is to have a detachable towbar fitted. If you choose at your discretion to have either a fixed flangeball or swan neck towbar fitted, TOWBAR2U will not be held liable if your parking sensors pick up the towbar neck. In such circumstances it may be possible to upgrade the towbar neck to a detachable and we will provide you with a quotation to do this. This is not possible with all towbars.

Disclaimer: Alko Stabilisers and Towballs

Some caravans are equipped with an Alko Stabiliser. You must inform us at the time of booking confirmation if you intend to tow a caravan equipped with an Alko stabiliser.

This type of stabiliser requires extra clearance for the towbar. Fixed swan neck, detachable swan neck, and detachable flangeball towbars usually have this clearance as standard. If you choose a fixed flangeball towbar, you must also order a compatible Alko towball. You may provide your own towball for our fitter to fit, but in this case we do not offer a guarantee for the condition of the towball. TOWBAR2U will not be held liable for any damage to your car or caravan caused by using a caravan equipped with an Alko stabiliser with a non-compatible towball. You must check for clearance between the stabiliser and your car before towing.

Alko stabilisers require the paint to be removed from the towball before towing to prevent contamination of the stabiliser friction pads. Our fitter will not do this for you, and it is your responsibility to do it after the towbar fitment.

Cancellation/Movement of Online Bookings and Purchases

Appointments can be rescheduled to an alternative date (subject to availability) provided one clear working day is allowed between rescheduling and the original appointment (e.g. appointments for Thursday can be rescheduled up to midnight on Tuesday).

When you have paid in advance for any services from TOWBAR2U and you are not available at the scheduled appointment without making an appropriate cancellation or alternative arrangement with TOWBAR2U, TOWBAR2U shall be entitled to retain your fifty percent (50%) deposit.


Your towbar installation will be tested by our fitter at the time of installation. However, if you discover a fault with your towbar or wiring you should inform us immediately.

We will arrange for our fitter to call out at the earliest available time. Please note that if we discover that any fault is not related to our installation, there is a 45 + vat call out fee. This is simply to cover our costs for coming out to you.

We will not pay any charges from any 3rd party unless they are agreed by us in advance. In the event that we agree to pay any costs we will only pay for like for like replacement of any parts.

General Guarantee Conditions

The guarantees apply from the date of original purchase.

Guarantees are not transferable and only apply to the person who made the original purchase.

Please ensure you retain your warranty document and invoice, as proof of purchase is necessary before work can be carried out under the guarantees.

All parts originally purchased at TOWBAR2U are covered by these guarantees; however, parts failing as a result of criminal or malicious damage, fire, theft or where the parts have been used for motorsport, hire vehicles or taxis are excluded.

If work is required to be carried out other than by TOWBAR2U, approval must be obtained in advance from TOWBAR2U Customer Service. The guarantee may be invalidated when parts are repaired by a garage or individual other than by TOWBAR2U. TOWBAR2U is not responsible for any part removed from the vehicle or adjusted by any person other than TOWBAR2U.

These guarantees do not cover any defect caused by reasonable wear, tear or corrosion, or any costs incurred through loss of use. Manufacturer’s conditions of sale apply to all goods sold.

These guarantees do not extend to any monetary or compensatory claim, in particular consequential or additional losses.