The Top 10 Tow Cars of 2024

May 20, 2024 | mobile towbar fitting, Towbars

Going on an adventure, whether it’s a family vacation with a caravan in tow, attending an equestrian event with horses, or enjoying a weekend on the water with a boat hitched behind, demands the right vehicle. A dependable, powerful, and capable tow car ensures a journey that’s smooth and stress-free.

In this extensive guide, we delve into the top 10 tow cars available in the UK for 2024. From robust large SUVs to nimble compact crossovers, and even an unexpected wildcard, get ready to discover the perfect tow car that meets all your requirements.

Leading the Pack in Large Tow Cars for 2024:

Land Rover Discovery (2017-Present):

Towing Capacity: Up to 3,500 kg (Braked), Up to 750 kg (Unbraked) Renowned for its robust build and formidable towing capabilities, the Land Rover Discovery remains a stalwart choice for various towing needs. With features like Trailer Stability Assist and Advanced Tow Assist, this SUV ensures unmatched stability and control, making it an ideal companion for towing caravans, trailers, and boats.

Volvo XC90 (2015-Present):

Towing Capacity: Up to 2,700 kg (Braked), Up to 750 kg (Unbraked) Combining safety with sophistication, the Volvo XC90 impresses not only with its towing prowess but also with Volvo’s signature safety features. Offering a range of powerful and efficient engine options, including hybrids, this SUV delivers exceptional towing performance while prioritising safety.

Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class (2015-Present):

Towing Capacity: Up to 3,500 kg (Braked), Up to 750 kg (Unbraked) Elevate your towing experience with the luxurious Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class. Boasting a blend of power, performance, and prestige, this SUV, available in various engine options including diesel and petrol, ensures effortless towing of trailers, caravans, or boats.

The Cream of the Crop in Medium-Sized Tow Cars for 2024:

Ford Mondeo (2014-2022):

Towing capacity: Up to 2,000 kg (Braked), Up to 750 kg (Unbraked) Versatile and practical, the Ford Mondeo excels in towing performance and functionality. With advanced towing technologies like Trailer Sway Control and Adaptive Cruise Control, this mid-sized car offers the strength and capability needed for any towing task.

Skoda Superb (2015-2023):

Towing capacity: Up to 2,200 kg (Braked), Up to 750 kg (Unbraked) Unleash the power of the Skoda Superb, renowned for its exceptional towing capability and comfort. Equipped with powerful petrol and diesel engines and innovative features like Predictive Cruise Control and Trailer Assist, this car handles tough towing challenges with ease.

Audi Q5 (2016-Present):

Towing Capacity: Up to 2,400 kg (Braked), Up to 750 kg (Unbraked) Combining versatility with performance, the Audi Q5 is a premium SUV ready to tackle any towing task confidently. Powered by efficient petrol and diesel engines and featuring Audi’s Quattro all-wheel drive system, this SUV delivers power, agility, and control for towing boats, trailers, or caravans.

The Best of Small Tow Cars in 2024:

Volkswagen Golf (2020-Present):

Towing Capacity: Up to 1,500 kg (Braked), Up to 680 kg (Unbraked) Surprisingly capable, the Volkswagen Golf impresses with its towing capacity and agile performance on the road. Available in a range of efficient petrol and diesel engines, this compact car offers a perfect blend of power, efficiency, and manoeuvrability for towing small trailers or lightweight caravans.

Seat Leon (2020-Present):

Towing Capacity: Up to 1,700 kg (Braked), Up to 600 kg (Unbraked) Stylish and practical, the Seat Leon is a compact hatchback offering impressive towing capabilities and a comfortable ride. With powerful petrol and diesel engines and advanced driver assistance systems, this car is an ideal choice for urban adventures or weekend getaways.

Hyundai Kona (2023-Present):

Towing Capacity: Up to 1,600 kg (Braked), Up to 600 kg (Unbraked) Experience versatility with the Hyundai Kona, a compact SUV equally suited for city driving and open-road adventures. With efficient petrol and diesel engines and advanced safety features, this SUV ensures impressive towing capabilities and a confident ride.

The Towing Wildcard of 2024:

Cupra Formentor (2021-Present):

Towing Capacity: Up to 1,800 kg (Braked), Up to 750 kg (Unbraked) Breaking conventions, the Cupra Formentor is a sporty crossover that surprises with its towing prowess. With powerful petrol and hybrid engines and a sleek design, this crossover delivers performance, versatility, and excitement, whether towing a trailer for a getaway or hauling equipment for an adventure.

No matter the size or style of your journey, selecting the perfect tow car can transform your experience. From large SUVs to compact crossovers, these top picks for 2024 offer exceptional tow capacity and performance. Whether towing a caravan, transporting horses, or setting sail with a boat, these vehicles ensure the power and reliability needed for memorable adventures.

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