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At Towbar2u, we recognise the paramount importance of having a dependable towbar at your disposal.

We proudly operate within the Harlow area, offering the convenience of mobile towbar installation services to our local customers.

Our service area extends to encompass Harlow and its neighbouring regions.


We take pride in providing a comprehensive range of services aimed at ensuring a hassle-free towing experience. Our team is wholly dedicated to delivering top-tier service and exceptional quality.

Owning a versatile vehicle is an invaluable asset, and one effective means of enhancing your vehicle’s adaptability is through the installation of fitted towbars.

Towbar Installation: The installation of a well-crafted towbar is paramount for ensuring safety and stability during towing. A properly fitted towbar evenly distributes the weight and facilitates smooth handling, significantly reducing the risk of accidents on the road. Our proficient technicians are true experts in the art of towbar installation. Be it a car, SUV, caravan, or commercial vehicle, we possess the expertise to match the perfect towbar to your specific vehicle.

Towbar Types: If you find yourself in the market for a towbar, you might be wondering which type best suits your requirements. With an array of options available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Whether you’re towing a trailer, caravan, or boat, we offer a variety of towbar types, including fixed, detachable, and retractable options, all tailored to meet your unique needs. Our team is at your service to guide you in selecting the most suitable towbar for your specific requirements.

Wiring and Electrics: Wiring and electrics play an often underestimated yet vital role in the world of towing. They ensure that your trailer’s lights, brakes, and signals synchronize seamlessly with your towing vehicle. Without the presence of proper wiring, you risk accidents and potential damage to your towing setup.

In our commitment to your road safety, we also provide wiring and electrics installation services. The flawless functioning of these components is crucial for safe towing, and our technicians take meticulous care to ensure everything operates seamlessly.


Expertise: Our skilled technicians specialising in fitted towbars in Harlow possess years of invaluable experience in towbar installation, guaranteeing a reliable and secure fit for your vehicle.

Quality: We exclusively employ high-quality towbars and accessories sourced from esteemed brands, with Witter being a notable example. Witter is renowned as one of the most reputable towbar suppliers in the country. At Towbar2u, we go to great lengths to ensure durability and top-notch performance.

Convenience: Our mobile service brings towbar installation directly to your location, sparing you the hassle of transport and saving valuable time.

Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and our team is unwaveringly committed to providing outstanding service and support.


Elevate your vehicle’s capabilities today and embark on a journey of versatile travel with Fitted Towbars In Harlow. Experience the difference and set out on your next adventure with unwavering confidence!

If you find yourself in Harlow and require towbar installation services, do not hesitate to get in touch. We are readily available to address your inquiries and schedule an appointment at your convenience. Feel free to reach out by calling us at 01279881366 or by completing our FREE quote form.



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