Towing with an Alko Stabiliser – What Do I Need to Know?

Apr 30, 2019 | Industry News, Towing

alko stabliser

In this article we will discuss everything you need to know about Alko Stabilisers, so you can have full confidence when installing and using one.

What are Alko Stabilisers?

Alko Stabilisers are typically found on caravans, as they help ensure there is enough distance between the caravan and your cars bumper. The Alko Stabiliser can be classified by its larger coupling head and red handle. Due to the larger coupling head than a standard caravan, you need to make sure that you leave extra space for it to work safely.

Before using an Alko Stabiliser

Before using an Alko Stabiliser, you must ensure the towball is completely free of any dirt, grease and oil. It should be easy to clean with any methylated spirit or something equivalent with a wipe – however it is important to keep in mind that this must be done every time you change the vehicle you’re towing.

Why use an Alko Stabiliser?

The Alko Stabiliser’s simplicity and lack of need for adjustment when in use has made this a popular alternative to blade stabilisers. When towing a caravan, you have to give yourself more space when driving and take extra care when accelerating and braking. Additionally, if a proper stabiliser isn’t installed, this can result in ‘snaking’. Snaking is when the caravan begins to move from side to side, away from the car. This can cause damage to the towbar and other vehicles – possibly resulting in an overturned vehicle. Alko Stabilisers will help with stabilising your caravan so you have a reduced risk of these problems occuring.

What Towbar should I use with an Alko Stabiliser?

If you’re looking for a fixed towbar to tow a caravan with an Alko Stabiliser, we highly recommend buying a swan neck towbar, as they are more compatible with the Alko Stabiliser than the flange ball towbar. Fixed swan neck towbars or a detachable one are designed with clearance in mind, making them perfect for caravan towing. The swan neck is also less likely to trigger parking sensors on the car, making it easier to reverse into difficult spots. Furthermore, the hitch is bigger than a standard hitch so can’t be used with a standard fixed flange towbar, the towbar should always be extended.

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