Towbars: Winter Maintenance the Right Way

Nov 30, 2018 | Towbars

towbar maintenance

There are four types of towbar available in the UK: fixed flange towbars, detachable flange towbars, fixed swan neck towbars and detachable swan neck towbars. All of these towbars require little maintenance, but as the winter weather approaches it’s beneficial to know what to look out for in case any issues do arise. This article is going to act as a guide on how to care for your towbar this winter.


Towbars are made from robust steel. This is necessary to ensure the highest levels of safety during use. The downside of steel, however, is that it is susceptible to rusting when left out in less favourable conditions. If you notice any rust beginning to appear, we recommend sanding off any of the rusty flakes and applying a primer to protect from future rusting.


This follows onto the next tip: check, check, check. As noted before, towbars rarely need maintenance, but a simple maintenance check every now and again is the best way to ensure your towbar is going to operate to its best ability. Make sure you check every component of the towbar. This includes all levers and flexible joints. Make sure you wiggle each component to check to see if any are loose. All components should be tightly fitted, feel rugged and be operating correctly.


The housing of the towbar should be cleaned and maintained also. Any signs of corrosion could harm your actual towbar, especially at points of contact. We recommend cleaning with a cloth to remove any build up of dirt, and scraping off any flaky signs of rust that you can see.


If you are using a detachable swan neck towbar or detachable flange towbar, you should detach the removable parts so that you can perform a closer inspection. You should check for any give between retriever socket and detachable towbar. The towbar should be rigid when it is attached.

Professional help

Checking your towbar consistently is helpful for catching any problems early. However, if you do notice damage or any issue which may compromise safety and cannot be addressed yourself, it is vital you take it to a specialist towbar maintenance company. Specialists can fix problems to a greater standard and recognise issues that you may not be able to see. If a towbar is particularly damaged we highly recommend having it changed and a new one fitted. This should be done by professionals, such as the team at towbar2U, who are highly experienced in installing towbars to vehicles efficiently and safely.

Here at Towbar2U we’re dedicated to providing the best customer service around. We are happy to give you advice or answer any questions you may have about your towbar and how to maintain it. To learn more about us or the products and services we sell, give our team a call today on 0800 998 1969.

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