Towbars & Cars: Which is best for a Ford Mondeo?

Mar 29, 2019 | Towbars, Towing

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The Ford Mondeo was first announced back in 1992, then released in 1993. It was the first Ford-declared world car (the name Mondeo is derived from Latin word ‘mundus’ meaning ‘world’), meaning the line was internationally sold, and since its release there has been 5 generations announced. The mondeo has a strong engine and a spacious cabin, making it the perfect family car.

The Ford Mondeo towing capacity varies from model to model, ranging between 750 to 2,200 kg, and is renowned for being comfortable towing small trailers to mid-range caravans. This model is popular with families who like to travel, as it is not as bulky as an SUV but is just as sturdy. Each model will vary on which towbar will be more suitable, but there are a few which can apply to all the models.

Fixed Ball Flange Towbar

The fixed ball flange towbar is a versatile piece of equipment which is attached to the back of your car to allow you to tow or carry a variety of equipment. This type of towbar is best suited for those who are often towing trailers or caravans. It is also ideal for cyclists who travel to distant areas to enjoy new scenery on their trips, or for families who want to take equipment on a outdoorsy day out. However, those looking for something just to hold bikes might be more interested in the swan neck towbars, as they are more attractive and still do the same job.

If you have a newer model of the Ford Mondeo, such as the Titanium X Sport, these are fitted with parking sensors which means the towbar could interfere with their functionality. A member of our team here at Towbar2U will help you decide if this towbar is suitable for your model of Ford Mondeo.

Detachable Swan Neck

The detachable swan neck towbars compact design makes it perfect for use on models with parking sensors, as well as those who need complete access to the rear of their vehicle. Useful for those who don’t always need the towbar in place, which maintains the aesthetic of the car when it’s not in use (as the towbar is completely invisible when it is removed).

Let our team help you find the perfect towbar for whatever vehicle you own!

The team at Towbar2U is brimming with experienced professionals who understand everything about towbars and the cars that suit them. Use our areas covered page to find your nearest fitter and have a towbar safely fitted with our outstanding levels of customer service today. For more information, get in touch!

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