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The Towcar Awards 2019

Posted on May 22nd 2019 by Towbar2U

For more than a decade, experts in caravan towing have been joining forces to examine and decide Britain’s best towing cars. All cars are put through demanding tests to inspect which one tows the best, how easy the installation process is, and whether it’s easy to incorporate into everyday life. The scoring method reflects multiple criteria, including a cars value for money, safety standards of the car and its resale value. Here are just a few of the tests the cars have to complete in order to rank in the competition:

1. Towing

Towing is a difficult task for all passenger cars, as it tests all its safety demands by pushing each benchmark to the limit. We test the car’s ability to tow by attaching a caravan at 85% of the car’s weight with a stabiliser hitch so as not to detract from the caravans behaviour. We drive the car at a variety of speeds and test all maneuvers it would encounter in a realistic setting. We also test its braking power, as this is an important piece of information for many towing cars, and the braking distance will dramatically change depending on the weight of the caravan and weather conditions. We also test lane changes, so as to see what the blind spots are to the driver and whether the driver they’ll encounter any serious issues.

2. Practicality

We look at the cars practicality, which includes features that makes towing easier, safer and more practical for all drivers. We test a lot of features of the car – no stone is left unturned! First, we test the size of the boot of the car to see what load it could safely carry. We also look at the car’s handbook and check whether the information is accurate and easy to understand when it comes to towing. Many cars don’t have safety information regarding towing on the car, so this is important to the car’s overall scoring. We also look at the accessibility of the charging station, whether the puncture repair provision is suitable for towing, and much more.

3. Price and environmental impact

The price of the car is often the deciding factor for most car buyers, so we look at whether the car is worth the money or whether another one offers a better deal for the same service. The environmental impact of the car is an important aspect too, especially as we as a society begin to start reducing our carbon footprint. This looks at the fuel efficiency of the car and whether or not it requires electricity to power the engine. The cars that score highest in this category are then compared against its price , so the cheaper and more environmentally friendly the car is, the more likely it will win this category.

The Winner:
Volvo XC60

The Volvo XC60 has beaten all other competition this year, claiming the well-deserved title of the ‘Best Family Towcar’ after winning in this category and the class for ‘Caravan Weight 1500-1700kg’ which allowed for it to win the overall title for Caravan and Motorhome Club Towcar of the Year 2019.

The Volvo XC60 impressed judges with its towing power, as well as its acceleration, braking, and stability. Its diesel engine allows for great handling, ideal for any driver, no matter how experienced you are. Although more pricey than other competitors, it’s worth the extra money for the comfortable ride and the reliable, anchored way it handles a caravan or trailer. If you’re looking for a new car that can handle towing a caravan or trailer on a regular basis, we highly recommend the Volvo XC60.

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