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What’s the Difference Between Fixed Flange Ball Towbar and Fixed Swan Neck Towbar?

Posted on December 19th 2018 by Towbar2U

When looking to tow for the first time, the world of towbars can seem like a daunting place. The various towbars on the market can easily leave people confused and worried about the safety of their vehicles. This article is going to help calm any nerves and dispel any confusion. We’ve detailed all you need to know about the two most popular towbars: the fixed flange ball and the fixed swan neck. What is a fixed flange ball and what is a fixed swan neck? Two of the most commonly found towbars, the fixed flange ball and fixed swan neck both…

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Towbars: Winter Maintenance the Right Way

Posted on November 30th 2018 by Towbar2U

There are four types of towbar available in the UK: fixed flange towbars, detachable flange towbars, fixed swan neck towbars and detachable swan neck towbars. All of these towbars require little maintenance, but as the winter weather approaches it’s beneficial to know what to look out for in case any issues do arise. This article is going to act as a guide on how to care for your towbar this winter. Rusting Towbars are made from robust steel. This is necessary to ensure the highest levels of safety during use. The downside of steel, however, is that it is susceptible to…

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How to correctly tow a horsebox

Posted on October 31st 2018 by Towbar2U

If you read our last article, you’d know that when it comes to the rules of towing a trailer, the waters are a little muddy. Now add a large box and a load of galloping animals into the mix and you’ve got some seriously filthy water. Have no fear. The team at Towbar2U have written this article to provide all the necessary rules about how to legally tow a horsebox. MAM and Licenses Part of the reason why people often get confused with the rules of towing a horsebox is because, unlike the majority of towing and automobile regulations, the rules…

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Motorhomes: The Correct Way to Tow a Car

Posted on September 28th 2018 by Towbar2U

You’ve probably seen a car towing a caravan, but you’re much less likely to have seen a motorhome towing a car. Although not as common, many holiday-goers opt to go down this route so that they have extra travel options once they’ve reached their destination. Since towing a car with a trailer is relatively uncommon, the laws and guidelines surrounding it can be a bit of a grey area. Here at Towbar2U, we’re here to explain what the correct way to tow a car is, and which is the best towbar to achieve this. Is your motorhome suitable for towing? Firstly,…

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Can I tow with an electric car?

Posted on August 31st 2018 by Towbar2U

In theory, the majority of electric cars are are capable of towing a trailer. Alongside their energy and cost efficiency, electric cars still pack a punch when it comes to power. Unfortunately, however, answering the question of ‘can I tow with an electric car?’ is not all that simple. In this article we’ll be definitively exploring this question, so you can feel confident in knowing whether you’re okay to tow with an electric vehicle. Can I tow with an electric car? Whether something is ‘capable’ of towing isn’t the same as asking ‘can I’ tow. While most electric cars likely have…

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Is your towbar fit for towing?

Posted on July 31st 2018 by Towbar2U

Once you have had a towbar fitted, many people are prone to forgetting about it, assuming it’ll look after itself well enough. Although a towbar is a sturdy and durable piece of kit, it does require some care if it is to fulfil a good lifespan. What’s more, a towbar in a poor condition can be a safety issue and can even contribute to a failed MOT so it’s important you do check up on your towbar periodically. To find out more about towbar maintenance, read on. Towbar maintenance tips If you practice good towbar maintenance, you will prolong the life…

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