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Can I Still Tow A Caravan Over The Age Of 70?

Posted on June 27th 2019 by TowBar2U

If you’re over 70, it’s most likely that you’re retired and are looking for interesting ways to fill up your time. Retirement is a massive change of lifestyle for everyone, especially when you’ve been working full time your whole life. Not only are you now older and wiser, but you also have more freedom than you’ve ever had before, with your kids grown up and a stable pension. But, what do you do now? A caravan is a great investment for someone in retirement, as it allows you to take short or long road trips without the hassle of booking hotels…

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Towing with an Alko Stabiliser – What Do I Need to Know?

Posted on April 30th 2019 by Towbar2U

In this article we will discuss everything you need to know about Alko Stabilisers, so you can have full confidence when installing and using one. What are Alko Stabilisers? Alko Stabilisers are typically found on caravans, as they help ensure there is enough distance between the caravan and your cars bumper. The Alko Stabiliser can be classified by its larger coupling head and red handle. Due to the larger coupling head than a standard caravan, you need to make sure that you leave extra space for it to work safely. Before using an Alko Stabiliser Before using an Alko Stabiliser, you…

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Towbars & Cars: Which is Best for a Nissan Qashqai

Posted on February 26th 2019 by Towbar2U

The Nissan Qashqai is revered as one of the best low emission cars on the market today. Combining an economical engine with the sheer space, size and power of a family-sized SUV, the Nissan Qashqai suits outdoor adventurers and families alike. The Qashqai targets multiple audiences, making it a little tricky to pinpoint the most suitable towbar. From fixed flange to swan neck, we’re going to explore the various towbars in further detail, highlighting how each one fares and whether they may be right for you. Fixed swan neck towbars The mammoth size of the Nissan Qashqai makes it perfect for…

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How to design a towbar and the science behind it

Posted on March 23rd 2018 by Towbar2U

When thinking of the main criteria for a good towbar, you may consider points such as strength, a safe connection, simple fitting and a neat aesthetic. Whilst these are all aspects which are easy to agree upon, the design and technological innovation which go into achieving these qualities are not, and have been developed over many years. Let’s take a look at some of the many considerations that go into designing a safe and successful towbar. Features for consideration Across Europe as a whole, about a quarter of vehicles have a towbar. This equates to a huge number of vehicles which…

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Do I need to inform my insurance company if I get a towbar fitted?

Posted on December 19th 2016 by Towbar2U

Protecting your car against accidents is important all year round, but especially so in the winter months, when icy roads and cold brakes can increase the risk of an accident. If you have a towbar fitted, not informing your insurance company of this addition could cause your policy to be invalidated. Check out our FAQs on vehicle insurance when you have a towbar here to ensure you’re covered at all times. Do I need to let my insurance company know if I have a towbar fitted? Yes. A towbar counts as a modification to your vehicle in that it will differ…

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Does having a towbar effect my MOT?

Posted on November 29th 2016 by Towbar2U

When you have a towbar fitted to your car, this addition will also be checked as part of your annual MOT test. This article explains what is checked, how, and why you could fail your MOT test due to your towbar. How? MOT inspectors will carry out a visual assessment of your towbar and it’s assembly, checking for signs of excessive corrosion or damage to the towbar itself, as well as the tow ball, hook, eye, or jaw. Inspectors will check for the presence and maintenance of retainings nuts and bolts, and will ensure that the assembly is securely attached to…

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