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Vehicle Specific Wiring

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Vehicle Specific Wiring provides an alternative towing solution for many vehicles, and offers a number of benefits.

Connecting via dedicated wiring to the vehicle’s onboard system, multiple features are activated that would not necessarily be in place with standard towbar fitting. For example, many cars have ‘trailer stability control’ that ensures any caravan or trailer being towed will not become unsteady when cornering, and vehicle specific wiring informs the vehicle that a heavy load is being towed in order to initiate this feature.

Similarly, certain features such as those designed to aid parking may negatively impact maneuverability while towing, and vehicle specific wiring lets the onboard computer know that these need to be deactivated in these situations.


As vehicle specific wiring is designed to be installed in line with the vehicle manufacturer’s intentions, this means that warranties are not affected, and software can be updated to accommodate the features provided.

While this service may be slightly costlier than universal towbar fitting, the benefits and safety features it offer will help to put all customers’ minds at ease. Towbar2U provide vehicle specific wiring for cars and vans throughout the UK, offering the highest quality service at competitive rates.

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