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The Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show returns to NEC

Posted on by Towbar2U

If you are already a caravanning and camping enthusiast or are interested in getting into this pursuit, the NEC’s Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show is an excellent event. The show is the largest of its kind in the UK and is the perfect opportunity to explore all the latest vehicles, models, products, features and pieces … Continue reading

Towbar heights: why does it vary from car to car?

Posted on by Towbar2U

When installing a towbar for your vehicle, you can easily find that the affixed height differs between makes and models of car. The height at which your towbar and, subsequently, the towball sits is determined by the car manufacturer’s design, rather than your towbar fitter. Whilst some variation is to be expected, there is still … Continue reading

Towing tips: The best way to tow in ECO mode

Posted on by Towbar2U

Most cars these days come with a variety of modes and dashboard buttons that many people don’t utilise or understand. When you use your car and getting from A to B is your only concern, it can be easy to overlook and not take advantage of extra settings. One of these options which comes in … Continue reading

Summer holidays: The best places to take your caravan this season

Posted on by Towbar2U

If you are still grasping on to the last days of summer, you may be wanting to fit in a last minute getaway. Packing up a caravan for a UK staycation break could be the perfect solution, and with so many great destinations across the country, you are spoilt for choice. Let’s take a look … Continue reading

Which cars are best for towing a caravan?

Posted on by Towbar2U

When towing a caravan, having the best car for the job can make the experience a lot easier and more enjoyable. The right car can help improve handling, safety and manoeuvrability with a caravan in tow. When looking for your new vehicle, it can be hard to determine whether its specifications will translate into being … Continue reading

Top tips for towing a caravan

Posted on by Towbar2U

If you like the idea of getting a caravan for quick breaks or location hopping holidays, then you need to consider the actual towing of the vehicle. Towing a caravan can make your travelling experience very different to simply driving a car and you should adequately prepare yourself before setting off with, or even buying, … Continue reading

How to correctly load a trailer

Posted on by Towbar2U

When towing a trailer, it is very important that the cargo is safely loaded and stable. This will ensure that you can drive on the roads risk free. The trailer itself, and towing vehicle, should also be in good working condition and the two need to be connected correctly. In this article, we will be … Continue reading

What is a detachable swan neck towbar?

Posted on by Towbar2U

When it comes to choosing a towbar, there are several different design options. The availability of each option can be dependant on the make and model of car you wish to attach the towbar to. However, many vehicles will have the option of several designs and it will be up to you to choose which … Continue reading

Who are the top 5 towbar manufacturers?

Posted on by Towbar2U

It is fair to say that there is a lot of choice when picking a towbar for your vehicle. Not only do you have to decide between fixed towbars with dedicated wiring and detachable towbars, you also have the choice of many different towbar manufacturers as well. This article will provide some information about the … Continue reading

What is dedicated wiring for towbars?

Posted on by Towbar2U

When you are getting a towbar fitted, you have two wiring options: universal or dedicated. Universal wiring has generally been the standard wiring method used when fitting towbars; this method is relatively simple and allows the functioning of the lights on your towed caravan/trailer. Dedicated wiring (or ‘vehicle specific wiring’), however, is a method designed … Continue reading

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