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Motorhomes: The Correct Way to Tow a Car

Posted on by Towbar2U

You’ve probably seen a car towing a caravan, but you’re much less likely to have seen a motorhome towing a car. Although not as common, many holiday-goers opt to go down this route so that they have extra travel options once they’ve reached their destination. Since towing a car with a trailer is relatively uncommon, … Continue reading

Can I tow with an electric car?

Posted on by Towbar2U

In theory, the majority of electric cars are capable of towing a trailer. Alongside their energy and cost efficiency, electric cars still pack a punch when it comes to power. Unfortunately, however, answering the question of ‘can I tow with an electric car?’ is not all that simple. In this article we’ll be definitively exploring … Continue reading

Is your towbar fit for towing?

Posted on by Towbar2U

Once you have had a towbar fitted, many people are prone to forgetting about it, assuming it’ll look after itself well enough. Although a towbar is a sturdy and durable piece of kit, it does require some care if it is to fulfil a good lifespan. What’s more, a towbar in a poor condition can … Continue reading

How can I check my car is suitable for towing?

Posted on by Towbar2U

If you are planning to tow a caravan or trailer, it is very important to know what your car is capable of. Before buying a caravan or trailer, you will need to check whether your car is able to tow equipment and, if it is, you will have to make sure the equipment is within … Continue reading

Do I need vehicle specific wiring when fitting a towbar?

Posted on by Towbar2U

When choosing a towbar for your vehicle, many people consider the physical apparatus but don’t initially give much thought to the wired connection to the vehicle. Whilst not mandatory, more and more people are choosing vehicle specific wiring due to its additional benefits over basic universal wiring. What is vehicle specific wiring? Vehicle specific wiring … Continue reading

Choosing the right towbar electrical socket

Posted on by Towbar2U

When you are in the process of choosing the right towbar for your vehicle, you will need to consider which towbar electrics to have installed. Different kinds of electrics will impact the towing features open to you and getting this wrong can be a costly mistake to change down the line. Towing electrics are a … Continue reading

How to design a towbar and the science behind it

Posted on by Towbar2U

When thinking of the main criteria for a good towbar, you may consider points such as strength, a safe connection, simple fitting and a neat aesthetic. Whilst these are all aspects which are easy to agree upon, the design and technological innovation which go into achieving these qualities are not, and have been developed over … Continue reading

The Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show returns to NEC

Posted on by Towbar2U

If you are already a caravanning and camping enthusiast or are interested in getting into this pursuit, the NEC’s Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show is an excellent event. The show is the largest of its kind in the UK and is the perfect opportunity to explore all the latest vehicles, models, products, features and pieces … Continue reading

Towbar heights: why does it vary from car to car?

Posted on by Towbar2U

When installing a towbar for your vehicle, you can easily find that the affixed height differs between makes and models of car. The height at which your towbar and, subsequently, the towball sits is determined by the car manufacturer’s design, rather than your towbar fitter. Whilst some variation is to be expected, there is still … Continue reading

Towing tips: The best way to tow in ECO mode

Posted on by Towbar2U

Most cars these days come with a variety of modes and dashboard buttons that many people don’t utilise or understand. When you use your car and getting from A to B is your only concern, it can be easy to overlook and not take advantage of extra settings. One of these options which comes in … Continue reading

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